Tips and Tricks for arriving in Sri Lanka – Essential information

So you've found your way to the paradise island. Congratulations! Here's our guide for the newcomer to Sri Lanka. Whether you're visiting for a holiday or relocating to live here as an expat, this guide is filled with essential information: Transport, Money, Internet, Phones, Public Holidays and more.

Mountain sounds

The rains are still here. Today it stopped long enough for us to tempt fate and take the picnic blanket out for lunch out on the lawn. Of course, the heavens decided to open again right as we were tucking in, our first moves on the chess board just taken, strategy set, and forks poised... Continue Reading →

The butterflies are leaving

As my first proper blog post you could be forgiven for guessing this would be about those flighty butterflies that tumble around in our bellies and give us that delightful mix of anxiety & excitement as we approach something new for the first time. True perhaps, there is a bit of that going on as... Continue Reading →

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