The moments in-between

Sometimes, when life feels hard and the weight of the day doesn’t rest on our shoulders but presses into us, compacting us down into a smaller and smaller version of ourselves, we have to look at the micro elements, and find joy in the small things.

  • The tower of bubbles made by putting too much dish wash liquid in the sink as we do the ever-mounting pile of dishes.
  • The tiny daisy growing in the grass as we take out the trash.
  • The noticeable and transformative release of tension after taking in and breathing out a huge breath of air (seriously, try this one right now).

Yes, we may stub our toe on that damn sofa again, but after doing so we look down and notice how .. ugly our toes are? NO! We notice how those tiny things, barely more than an inch long each support our weight and guide us each and every day. Pointing us in the right direction, even if we trip up along the way.

So if you’re feeling the weight of the day, just take a look up into the sky and think of how micro you are.

And be grateful.

And remember,

you have beautiful toes.

Prompt of the day : Micro

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